Life is too short for boring lighting

Light is a true mood setter. Because it influences not only our eyesight, but also our feelings. How that works? Find out in our brand new stories, which we have collected exclusively here. Simply click through and be inspired by the most beautiful products and interesting projects. Fresh designs, creative cooperations with artists and designers and lots of good ideas are waiting for you.


When do we give a hotel maximum points? When we feel right at home straightaway, of course. From the first moment on. What particularly influences this feeling? The right light. 


Materials & Finishes

it's a material world

... at least as far as our lamps are concerned. After all, there's virtually no material our designers don't experiment with. We create luminaires that make a statement, and that you wouldn't find on every ceiling. From beautiful walnut wood to soft felt to real marble. Sounds crazy? It is. But it is precisely this extraordinary combination of design and material that defines a genuine Wever & Ducré luminaire. You like aluminium? Choose your favourite from our range of different finishes from our new collection.



it can be so easy

Never have your words and your touch been any more illuminating than with our new collection of ZigBee-compatible luminaires. All it takes to adjust and dim your lights is a simple swipe on your smartphone screen or a command to your voice-controlled device. Sounds easy? It is.


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